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The European Association of medium-sized energy companies (EVME) was founded on 2nd July 2008. It is an umbrella organization of interest groups that represent Austrian, Bavarian, Hessian and South Tyrolean medium-sized energy companies. EVME combines the interests of these companies and operates throughout Europe.

This newly founded association understands itself as an interest group that operates in addition to the traditional interest groups. Its goal is to represent medium-sized energy companies in Brussels.

The constitution of a European association was necessary as it became obvious that Brussels was not sufficiently informed about the excellent services which medium-sized energy companies provide in their local communities. Especially medium-sized companies most often satisfy their customers in terms of efficiency, reliability and service. Furthermore, they are locally rooted important regional employers, and they heavily contribute to regional value creation.

In the past some member-companies were organised in a loose structure in Brussels. In view of the increasing complexity of political topics and the increasing competences of the European Union, it became necessary to assume a more important rule in the events in Brussels. The foundation of the association allows us to react current issues within the industry sector quickly and efficiently and to discuss and implement them in cooperation with decision makers in Brussels,


For further questions please contact:

Mr. Roland Tropper - Member of the board - Executive Director

Augasse 20

8020 Graz


Tel.: +43 316 68 57 87-0